Politics and Your Mind 17 Oct 2012 (The Day After the Obama-Romney Hofstra Town Hall Style Debate)

NextStage Political Reader determines political outcomes based on how people are thinking when they're on monitored websitesThis post continues a thread started in Politics and Your Mind 9 Oct 2012 (Introducing the NextStage Political Reader) and continued in Politics and the Gender Mind 10-12 Oct 2012 (With a Touch of Debate BS and PersonaScoping at the End). We’re using The NextStage Political Reader to determine how people will vote in the 2012 US Presidential election.

The same caveats apply here as previously: NextStage is not monitoring all sites in the US nor was the entire voting population online during the time this data was collected.

A Quick Read of the Charts

  • Say – What people would tell you in conversation. These numbers should be closest to national polls.
  • Think – Which party do people think will do better. This may or may not be who people would vote for or who they want to win, only who they think will do better.
  • Hearts – This is the number that most closely responds to the outcome of a secret ballot if held today.
  • End – If people could be magically transported to their real voting venue and knew for a fact that their vote would actually make a difference, how would they vote?

The Gender Divide

The twelve or so hours since the debate started have been busy internet-wise. NextStage tracked over 10 million people (3.43% of the voter population) (over 7½ million women and close to 3 million men) and there is no doubt that President Obama carried the evening as far as women voters go. What President Obama also managed to do was make lots of men reconsider their voting decision. They didn’t go totally democratic and they did move away from republican by a substantial margin.

How Would They Say They’d Vote Right Now?
How did the Hofstra Debate Affect How Voters Say They'll Vote?

The real shift is in male consciousness, though. In their own minds, men believe President Obama won the debate.

But What Do They Think?

Heartwise, men still believe President Obama won the debate by a large margin although here we see that men still have a hankering for Governor Romney.

And What Are Their Hearts Telling Them?

But in the end and all things considered, the Democrats won the night.

And In the End, Will Hearts or Minds Prevail?

A Final Word

The Republicans may also believe President Obama and the Democrats carried the night. As I write this, it is slightly after 10amET and so far the only political calls to our offices have been by Republican operatives, and those to let us know how wrong President Obama was and what he wasn’t telling the debate audience. Normally there’s a 50/50 mix and the calls are issue oriented.

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